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CRODEX aims to be a complete trading ecosystem,
covering all aspects of DeFi. Our Whitepaper provides a complete overview of
our mission.


A fully Uniswap-compatible protocol, battle tested and audited.

Yield Generation

Every four weeks, our yield generation pools are optimised to provide our users with the best possible returns of investment


Decentralized Launchpad offering staking rewards for voting and tiered access to IDOs for $CRX holders.


Professional-grade historical price charting and real-time order book data.


The first NFTs with use cases in the CRONOS network: Stake your NFTs at our dApps to unlock unique features.


Bridge your assets to and from the Cronos network, thanks to our partners RelayChain and AnySwap.

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The most advanced DEX/AMM on Cronos

CRODEX Exchange is working to be
the best trading platform at Cronos.

CRODEX enjoys the enviable position of being amongst
Cronos’ first and most widely recognized Decentralized Exchanges (DEX).

Our extensive roadmap is a testament to our
compromise to give both Cronos traders and developers a state-of-the-art
Decentralized Exchange; with exclusive trading tools, standards-compliant, audited
and well-documented Routers and Factories, low fees, and more.


Find out how the CRODEX team
has optimised our CRX token
to fuel long-term stability.


For the more technical users out there,
we have prepared extensive documentation
of the most important CRODEX components.


An in-depth documentation
of our mission, vision, roadmap,
and technical underpinnings.

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